Melissa Hannebrink started with an interest in computers at a very young age, and it quickly became a passion.  She taught herself web programming at 12 years old out of a book, and from there started her computer business as her senior project in 1998.  In 2013, Melissa took over Quietech Associates from her father, Ben Hannebrink.  Melissa loves helping people and empowering them to make their way in this fast growing technological world.  


  Andrew has been in customer service and technology since 1998 but first had a PC in his sticky little hands at the ripe age of 5, in 1986.  He has worked as a manager at Staples, and has also worked at Best Buy. Now being at the Geek Boutique he is able to share his love for people, learning and computers while bringing the "big box" to a small town shop.  


Carson has been with Quietech since July of 2016.  He has a strong technical background and computers are truly a passion for him.  He has been interested in computers since a young age, and loves helping people with their technological needs. Carson also loves a challenge and enjoys experimental projects, like Bitcoin mining and building "inside-out" computers.


Mike was born & raised in Grass Valley spending most of his youth behind the counter at a local repair parts store. After years of being at the headline of what's new in the world of electronics, Mike made the choice to help folks where they have a tendency to need it most...    Their phones!  


  Hobbs has been in the IT field for over 10 years and has a wide range of technical skills. From PC troubleshooting and building to network design, training, implementation, and administration, he can help. He has worked at Gap Inc. as a Technical Support Specialist and for the past 5+ years as an IT Specialist and consultant. His goal is to be the customer champion!  


Jennifer is an energetic, results-driven customer service professional with more than eight years of experience.  She looks forward to meeting you so come in and say hello!   


Our shop kitty Gingy has a lot of fans!  We have several people who come in regularly just to see her (what are we, chopped liver?!)

Gingy is a Grass Valley native.  She was adopted from AnimalSave in 2011. She loves her home office, the Geek Boutique, where she can very vocally greet new people every day who will pet and adore her.  She enjoys belly rubs and barrel-rolling.